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DRIVEN BY A BELIEF. let’s choose to make the difference.

  • Promoting fair trade. Supporting the artisan.

    Ensuring fair prices that are mutually agreed with our artisans, while providing support with ideas and help to direct their immense talent in staying contemporary and relevant to a changing world.

  • Celebrating an unparalleled heritage.

    Kindle interest and support for an unsurpassed legacy of craft that spans millennia and spreads across the length and breadth of the land. The fantastic world of India’s crafts people remains unsurpassed in its beauty and extent.

  • Craft conservation as a sustainable, viable livelihood

    Expand markets. Generate demand. Work towards making craft a lucrative earning option for the next generation of craft families.

  • Rewarding partnerships with a deserving force

    By choosing to directly support artisans and craft basedorganisations, we help create a cycle of demand that nurtures hope, trust and long term relationships.

  • Promoting eco-friendly choices

    Creating awareness for craft is inextricably linked with promoting ecological choices. The Indian crafts practitioner is perhaps the greatest conservationist who strives to live in harmony with his environment.